After studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University, I decided that Product Management was the best way to tie together my interests in technology and human behavior.

In my 8 years as a product manager, I have launched and grown consumer and enterprise products across web, mobile and back-end platforms. I love the diversity of the people and problems I get to work with as a PM, but most of all I love working closely with customers, understanding the problems they face and designing products that solve them.


General Assembly (Senior Product Manager)

  • I built, launched and scaled a candidate matching platform that reduced operational overhead and improved job placement rates for our graduates.
  • I managed online learning at GA, running a large team of content developers, multimedia producers, engineers and designers, developing both the online learning platform and multiple courses that were launched on top of it.

Voxy (Director of Product Management)

Knewton (Product Manager)

  • I managed a large team - engineers, designers, content creators, sales and support - and ran the Math Readiness product, a first-to-market adaptive math course that drove improved classroom engagement and completion rates for thousands of students.
  • I worked with a team of designers, engineers and data scientists to design and build Knewton Analytics, a back-end platform and UI that integrated with partner products to receive student performance data via API and deliver analysis directly to instructors.

LanguageMate (Product Manager)

  • I defined the Product Management organization from the ground-up, moving away from heavy documentation and towards a user-centered, lean product development process.
  • I designed and launched a first-to-market hospital communication product that allowed patients to communicate with nurses remotely using an icon-driven touch interface and enabling nurses to intelligently route and respond to these requests.
  • I led a team of engineers, designers and content developers through a complete redesign of our language learning product and led sales, implementation and support once the product was relaunched.

Phreesia (Associate Product Manager)

  • I started and ran our user testing and customer feedback programs, creating a more user-focused product development process.